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Incidente Romea
Incidente Romea

Incidente Romea – Gigi Zendron di Oriago, plumber, was on his way to work at a nearby company when he got into an accident. An overtaking accident would have been fatal. Road 309 in both directions was blocked for five hours. After 1 p.m., there will be a regular flow.

CAMPAIGN FOR LUPITA At 7 a.m. on Thursday, June 16th, a fatal accident occurred on the Romea state road 309 at Lugo di Campagna Lupia on the outskirts of Rome. There was a head-on collision between a car and truck. The impact was devastating. Crash victim Giacomo Zendron, a 25-year-old plumbing contractor from Oriago, was killed. On Thursday morning, he was scheduled to report to work.

It would have been fatal for the 25-year-old who found the truck in front of him. A young man’s lifeless body sat in the cockpit of a car that was impossible to steer because the front end was utterly destroyed. In addition to the Suem 118, firefighters from Mestre and carabinieri from the Compagnia di Chioggia were on the scene.

For surveys, the arrival of the hearse, and the movement of vehicles, including the complex intervention for the truck, the state road 309 Romea remained completely paralysed with queues from 7 to 12 in both directions toward Chioggia and towards Mestre. At 12 o’clock, a one-way street with alternating lanes was opened, and the trucks in the queue had already reached Marghera’s Nave de Vero. Congestion has also spread to the side streets. In both directions, the Romea was reopened to traffic starting at 13:00 local time.

A possible overtaking occurred just before 7 p.m. Carabinieri on the scene; traffic was halted for several hours as a result of their presence. A 25-year-old boy from Mira, Giacomo Zendron, was killed in a car accident this morning on the Romea state road, near the Lugo intersection, according to local media. Although the investigation is ongoing, it appears that the two vehicles collided head-on. The young man behind the wheel had no way to flee the ferocious collision.

A few minutes before 7 a.m., the alarm went off. When 118’s help arrived on the scene, there was nothing more that could be done to help the victim. The Chioggia company’s carabinieri were responsible for the accident’s relief, while the firefighters were responsible for ensuring the safety of the vehicles and the roadway. There were also members of the road’s management company, Anas, in attendance. Traffic on the Romea was completely paralysed by the rescue operations, both in the direction of Mestre and Chioggia. Queues were still lengthy even at ten o’clock.

At least based on the preliminary evidence, the crash occurred as the car was attempting to overtake another vehicle. The collision was inevitable because the truck was approaching from the opposite direction, and the car was crushed against the other vehicle. Firefighters from Mira arrived to rescue the driver from the charred cockpit. Oriago di Mira was home to Zendron. (Giacomo Zendron appears in the photograph.)

When the accident occurred, it was probably during an overtaking manoeuvre. Carabinieri on the scene, traffic was halted for several hours. On June 16, 2022, a MiraVenice resident was killed. An accident involving a light and heavy vehicle this morning, June 16, on state road 309 “Romea” in Campagna Lupia, in the province of Venice, resulted in a fatality toll of at least one person.

Incidente Romea

It goes off at 7 a.m. The 25-year-old driver of the car was unable to avoid the violent head-on collision, which is still being investigated. When 118’s emergency services arrived on the scene, the young man already knew there was nothing more they could do.

The Chioggia company’s carabinieri and the city’s firefighters rushed to the scene to perform the ritual reliefs. Anas, the company in charge of maintaining the road, was also represented. Police officers on the scene managed the roads while the road was closed so that it could be reopened as quickly as possible.

Because the rescue efforts took several hours, traffic on the Romea was completely shut down in both directions between Mestre and Chioggia. Long lines remained even after 10 a.m. The Romea state road was engulfed in flames this afternoon after a two-vehicle collision. A 48-year-old Polish hauler from Riolo Terme lost his life behind the wheel of an Iveco Daily 35 after colliding head-on with Daniele Quercioli’s 42-year-old Fiat Turbostar 190-48.

Although the Polish driver lost his life in a split second, the Romagna driver, who was trapped in the cabin, was airlifted in code 3 by the Ravenna helicopter rescue team to the Bufalini hospital in Cesena where he was treated for multiple fractures and head trauma.

How the tragic accident occurred near the Bellocchio worker curve, where another accident killed Cesena student Andrea Turci last September, at km 17 + 500 of the Romea. When asked about the moment of impact, those who were there to witness it say that the Polish hauler’s truck suddenly invaded what had been a Romagna hauler’s space.

The Iveco Daily was heading north-south towards Ravenna when it crossed the centre line and collided with the truck coming from the opposite direction, probably due to the driver’s sudden illness or sleepiness. However, a driver on the other side of the road is describing a dangerous overtaking manoeuvre.

Incidente Romea
Incidente Romea

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