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Morgan Freeman Morto
Morgan Freeman Morto

Morgan Freeman Morto – Fans all over the world were shocked and saddened by the news of Morgan Freeman’s passing earlier this week. The November 2022 rumour, however, has been debunked as the latest in a series of phoney celebrity death reports. Actor most recognised for roles in Invictus, Bruce Almighty, and Driving Miss Daisy thankfully still with us. On Saturday, a Facebook page titled “R.I.P. Morgan Freeman” garnered nearly a million ‘likes,’ lending credence to reports of the actor’s purported death. The ‘About’ page gave a plausible description of the American actor’s death: “At about 11 a.m. ET on Saturday (November 19, 2022), our beloved actor Morgan Freeman passed away. He entered the world on June 1, 1937, in Memphis, where he was born Morgan Freeman. We won’t forget him, even as we grieve for him. Leave comments and likes on this page to express your condolences and show your support.Hundreds of mourners took to the Facebook page at once, expressing their shock and anguish at the news of the death of the talented 85-year-old actor. As expected, the death fake sent the Twittersphere into a frenzy.

The post was believed by some loyal admirers, while others were immediately wary, possibly having learned their lesson from the flood of phoney death rumours concerning celebrities in recent months. As the death of an actor of Morgan Freeman’s stature would be huge news across networks, some pointed out that the story had not been reported on any major American network, suggesting it was a phoney tale. According to a recent survey performed by the Celebrity Post, 84% of respondents do not find the death rumours surrounding Morgan Freeman to be humorous.

The “Alive and Well” actor Morgan Freeman has put an end to rumours of his death.The actor’s representatives said on Sunday (November 20) that Morgan Freeman is not dead. Now he can add his name to the long list of famous people fooled by this scam. Stop believing the Internet rumors, they said, “he’s still alive and well.” Some of the actor’s many admirers have spoken out against the false report, calling it careless, upsetting, and hurtful. Others argue that this proves his worldwide renown. The death of Morgan Freeman’s granddaughter is being blamed on allegations that he sexually abused her as a child, the court heard. The shocking accusation against the Hollywood star was made during the emotional sentencing of Lamar Davenport, who was found guilty of killing E’Dena Hines.

Morgan Freeman Morto

Morgan Freeman was the one who sexually assaulted her, and now look at the damage he’s done. Davenport’s mother yelled, “He did this!” as she was led out of the New York courtroom.
“He has no guilt. She continued, “It was an accident.” There were rumours that Freeman was having an affair with stepgranddaughter Hines prior to and during the trial of Davenport last May. The 33-year-old had admitted to having “grandpa feelings” in a text message to boyfriend Davenport. In August of 2015, he stabbed her 25 times in broad daylight on a New York City street, and bystanders watched in horror. On August 16, 2015, in Harlem, New York City, E’dena Hines, the granddaughter of actor Morgan Freeman, was stabbed. At the hospital, her death was officially confirmed. Manhattan DA Cyrus R. Vance, Jr. praised Hines after he was sentenced to 20 years in prison and five years of post-release supervision.

He said, “I would like to thank the prosecutors in my office for securing a prison sentence commensurate with his extraordinarily violent crime and offer my sympathies to Ms. Hines’ loved ones as they continue to mourn.” “Ambitious and driven, E’Dena Hines was deeply loved by family and friends before her life was brought to a horrific and tragic end by her boyfriend, Lamar Davenport.”

Renato Mori, a tv and movie legend and Morgan Freeman’s unforgettable onscreen voice in films like “Il fal delle vanità,” “Seven,” and “Invictus,” has passed away.

The film industry is in disarray. Renato Mori, actor and great double, passed away today in Rome at age 79. While he is best known for his television appearances, his most notable role was as Commissario Altero in “La Piovra,” the most watched Italian film in the country. Star of several other popular Italian TV shows as well, including “Il Maresciallo Rocca” and “Distretto di Polizia.” In the beginning of his career, he appeared alongside Vittorio Gassman in Luigi Squarzina’s Amleto.

From “Il fal delle vanità” to “Seven,” “Al vertice della tensione” to Morgan Freeman’s final film, “Invictus,” his voice was chosen for dubbing in every one of those movies. As well as the aforementioned, he has doubled for Gene Hackman and James Earl Jones. His son Simone Mori is an Italian actor, dual interpreter, dialogue coach, and dubbing director. Renato Mori has had a successful career in both film and theater; in the ’70s, he was one of the leads in “Cyrano” alongside Domenico Modugno, and the past two decades of his career have been defined by his double role. Sefit is Italy’s largest duplication company, and it was founded by Roberto Mori.gest società di duplicazione, ed è stata fondata da Roberto Mori.

Morgan Freeman Morto
Morgan Freeman Morto

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