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Rosalinda Cannavò Altezza
Rosalinda Cannavò Altezza

Rosalinda Cannavò Altezza – Rosalinda Cannav is her full name. The stage name Adua Del Vesco was inspired by a character in a television miniseries.n Messina on November 26, 1994, Rosalinda Cannav was born under the sign of the Sagittarius, the cardinal sign of the Zodiac.

Her mother, Giuseppina, is a housewife, and her father, Antonio, is a butcher in Messina, Sicily. She first explores the world of dance as a teen, but as time passes, her interest waned and was eventually replaced by the goal of becoming a well-known actress.

He enters the anorexia tunnel after his peak on television and makes the decision to alter his course of action. As a student, he plans to pursue a degree in theological studies. Her mother told CHI in an interview that she has worked as a saleswoman and a waitress in a previous life. She currently lives in Milan with other students and workers in a shared house. She recovered from anorexia through creative endeavours that helped her rediscover the peace she’d lost in the show’s chaotic world.

Relationships with a Boyfriend Rosalinda was engaged to both Gabriel Garko and Massimiliano Morra, but it is possible that both relationships were studied at the table for promotional purposesAndrea Zenga and Andrea Zenga have described their relationship as passionate, based on their time on Big Brother VIP.

Rosalinda decides to relocate to Rome in order to pursue her acting career in its capital city. After graduating from college with a degree in hand, the young woman decides to further her acting skills by enrolling in a few theatre and diction classes.

For the first time in 2012, he appeared on the small screen in Canale 5’s third season of fiction. Adua Del Vesco, her chosen pseudonym, is based on the fictional name of one of the main characters in the 2005 miniseries I colori della vita.

Alessio Inturri directed all of the screenplays for Rosalinda, including the two-part miniseries Rodolfo Valentino – The legend and Furore – The wind of hope, all of which were written by Inturri himself, following Rosalinda’s success.His subsequent roles on Canale 5 included those of Non è stato mio son and Il bello delle donne…

Cinema It was in Carlo Vanzina’s Sapore di Te that Adua made her feature film debut (2014). In Paolo Sorrentino’s Loro, she portrays a young Veronica Lario.Her music career began in 2016 with the singles Magico and Non’è sole, followed by Sei Sei Sei two years later, which was accompanied by a music video.

The fifth season of Big Brother VIP will begin in September 2020, and Rosalinda is one of the contestants. The girl has made it to the show’s championship round after enduring a slew of controversies and nominations.

Rosalinda was born on November 26th, 1992, in Messina, Sicily (age 28). Her height is 173 cm, but her weight is unknown. However, she should be around 50 kilogrammes in weight. Rosalinda Cannav is her real name, while Adua Del Vesco is her stage name. Her mother’s name is Giuseppina Cannav, and her sister’s is Francesca.

Before the actor revealed his homosexuality on an episode of Big Brother in which Rosalinda was a contestant, the two had a long-term relationship. Andrea Zenga is the love of her life. We don’t know much else about her personal life at the moment because she is so preoccupied with her job.

Rosalinda Cannavò Altezza

In May, Rosalinda Cannava and her boyfriend Andrea Zenga collaborated on a joke about Cannava.Rosalinda’s patience was put to the test by Le Iene’s joke last May. With the help of her boyfriend, Andrea Zenga, the prank was hatched.

Non è L’Arena’s Sunday, June 5th episode will feature a discussion of Della Cannav, a writer who goes by the pseudonym Adua Del Vesco. Alberto Tarallo, the screenwriter and co-founder of Ares Film with her ex-partner Losito, who took his own life in 2019, will be the one to challenge some of her Big Brother Vip statements. Big Brother Vip continues its journey, and the young Italian actress Rosalinda aka Adua Del Vesco is one of the competitors in the Cinecittà house. The Big Brother Vip protagonist’s life and past have been asked about by many of our readers, and we’re here to tell you more about her.

Rosalinda Cannav, a young Italian actress, is known professionally as Adua Del Vesco. On November 26, 1994, Rosalinda was born in Messina, Sicily. Adua, who has always loved sports and dance in particular, makes the wise decision at the age of 16 to pursue her dream of becoming an actress. Rosalinda, a beautiful young woman, stands at 176 centimetres and weighs 57 kilogrammes.

Rosalinda Cannavò Altezza
Rosalinda Cannavò Altezza

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