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Simba La Rue Morto
Simba La Rue Morto

Simba La Rue Morto – In fact, Simba La Rue was stabbed to death while out with his fiancée last night. It’s a busy Thursday for those who are following the events surrounding him, with rumours about his alleged death and others about his whereabouts at the time of the attack in Bergamo.

In the past, we’ve discussed rappers on our site in a lighthearted manner, emphasising how little the general public knew about them. Trollates are included. Sadly, today’s topics and content are of a very different nature than they once were.

Firstly, let’s disprove the rumour that Simba La Rue died after being stabbed to death. The rapper is doing much better and has already warned his assailants to be on the lookout via social media in anticipation of his release from the hospital. It’s a very tense atmosphere on social media following the recent beating of another rapper for several hours by a group of males.

As reported by Il Corriere della Sera, we’re talking about rapper Touché. So it is becoming more and more commonplace on social media and among investigators that the serious news story is somehow linked to this week’s incidents. Something that doesn’t necessarily end with a simple retaliation. In other words, what started out as a light-hearted social debate quickly escalates into a crisis that demands immediate attention.

Given these hoaxes about Simba La Rue’s death and the inaccuracies in regards to his girlfriend, we can’t help but deny them at this time. According to Il Corriere, she was accompanied by his partner.

Simba La Rue, a Milanese rapper, was stabbed to death in Bergamo’s Aldo Moro neighbourhood on the night of Wednesday, June 16th. The 23-year-old, known as Mohamed Lamine Saida, was accompanying his girlfriend, who lives in the same Bergamo district, to her house around 3 a.m. when the attack occurred.

Carabinieri, who intervened for the findings, are currently investigating the case’s outlines. Someone armed with a knife came out of nowhere and struck him, according to the information that has been leaked. Despite the singer’s best efforts, he was beaten. Residents in the area were alarmed by the commotion and called emergency services, who came to the scene. The young man was transported to the Pope John XXIII hospital’s emergency room in red code after an ambulance and a self-medication arrived on the scene. He would not be in danger of losing his life.

Rapper Baby Touché had a disagreement with him just one week ago, on June 8th and 9th between the hours of 8pm and 11pm. Video analysis and ‘network’ gossip suggest that Baby Touché was kidnapped and brutally assaulted before he was forced to go meet your fans. They then videotaped their mocking invitation to Baby Touché to meet your fans, complete with his bloody nose.

Fans of the two rappers re-released the video with threats of retaliation. There has been a history of conflict between the friends of these two rappers. TO There were at least two previous incidents, both in 2022: a fight outside a nightclub in Padua, the hometown of Baby Touché, and a clash with bottle tossers in Milan’s Corso Como. An officer from the Milan police headquarters had hit Simba La Rue for a second time outside a Milanese club in 2021.

Baby Touché is the first to try and douse the flames with water. She does this via a video she calls a “Message of Peace,” which she posts to her Instagram page. Arabs and non-Arabs alike should work together to solve problems rather than start wars. All of this is illogical, and we should unite to make music, not kill each other.

Simba La Rue Morto

Simba La Rue, the rapper’s stage name for Mohamed Lamine Saida, was stabbed during a fight in Treviolo, Bergamo province, because of his fame as Simba La Rue.

Investigators believe that he was accompanying his girlfriend back to her house in Treviolo from hers in Lecco, where he was raised between France and Italy.

He was ambushed by a young man armed with a knife as he parked his car in via Aldo Moro.

Simba La Rue, an Italian-Tunisian trapper born in 2002 and based in Lecco and Milan (his latest EP, Crimi, was released on May 17 by Warner), was the subject of a Daspo from Milan’s clubs for throwing stones in the Old Fashion nightclub in the first week of the month. Various Instagram pages and Telegram channels began to spread some stories and the recording of a live broadcast from Simba’s profile.

Touché, a young Paduan trapper of Maghrebi descent, can be seen in the aforementioned videos sitting in the backseat of a car, obviously terrified and bleeding from the nose.

Simba La Rue Morto
Simba La Rue Morto

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