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Ugo Tognazzi Malattia
Ugo Tognazzi Malattia

Ugo Tognazzi Malattia – At 68 years old, Ugo Tgonazzi passed away in 1990. Years of depression, culminating in a fatal stroke. In 1990, at the age of 68, Ugo Tognazzi passed away from a cerebral haemorrhage that struck him in the middle of the night. The actor had been depressed in recent years. It wasn’t long after the end of his great movies and the success of Italian comedy that the actor began to suffer from a severe form of depression. Maria Sole Tognazzi, his daughter, recalled him and said:

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Ugo Tognazzi, 68, died on October 27, 1990, after a cerebral haemorrhage left him with no way out. Tributes have been paid to him by his fans and by the Italian film industry as a whole. Ugo Tognazzi’s four children, Ricky, Thomas, Gianmarco, and Maria Sole, never miss an opportunity to honour their father’s artistic genius. In an interview with Avvenire a few years ago, Thomas Tognazzi recalled the moment of his father’s death and spoke of his father’s passing.

actual age.was worried that reading about Ugo’s death in the newspaper would be the only way I found out. He told me to get on the first plane because he thought my father was serious. Thomas Tognazzi’s journey lasted 10 hours, but he arrived too late. “It was too late,” he said.

As he grew older, Ugo Tognazzi also suffered from depression. Maria Sole, the actor’s daughter, was the first to speak out about his darkest days years later. “I was with him at his house. My recollection is that he wept as he gazed at a painting. When my father was a child, he longed to be a little boy again and refused to grow up. It was during the Rome Film Festival presentation of “Portrait of my father” that he revealed that he had begun to die as an adult.

The actor Alberto Sordi had also talked about Ugo Tognazzi’s depression, recalling a specific episode in which the actor had been the main character. When he returned from the Taormina Festival, “his head was in the clouds and he got stuck between depression and melancholy,” Sordi had said, as reported later by Io Donna, according to Sordi’s account.

A cerebral haemorrhage claimed Ugo Tognazzi’s life in the middle of the night more than three decades ago. In the final years of his life, however, he suffered from depression, a condition that reduced his ability to defend himself. Ricky, the actor’s son, and Alberto Sordi, a close friend who died in 2003, have both spoken about his illness (13 years after his colleague). While flying back from Taormina with Ugo Tognazzi, it occurred to me that he appeared to be in the middle of depression or melancholy. I realised that he seemed to be unable to tell the difference between these two emotions.”

Ugo Tognazzi, a Cremonese born in 1922, will celebrate his 100th birthday on March 23, 2022. His death occurred on October 27, 1990, at age 68. He had been admitted to the Villa Nomentana nursing home a few days earlier after falling ill.

Ugo Tognazzi Malattia

A fatal brain haemorrhage occurred. His four children are Ricky (son of Pat O’Hara), Thomas (son of Margarete Robsham), Gian Marco and Maria Sole (children of the actress Franca Bettoja, married in 1972 and remained at the side of the actor to the end). “I was 26 when he passed away. He had finally succumbed to his depression and appeared to be much older than his actual age. I expected him to live much longer than he did.

I was worried that reading about Ugo’s death in the newspaper would be the only way I found out. He told me to get on the first plane because he thought my father was serious. Thomas, his son, told Avvenire a few years ago that he arrived at the airport after a 10-hour journey and was too late to see his father.

Though Tognazzi had many happy memories, his final years were marked by depression. In the beginning, he was very depressed, afraid of dying, didn’t want to do anything, and didn’t feel hungry. ” He was an exuberant, hyperactive person who read newspapers and screenplays in the morning and gave instructions on how to pick artichokes in the garden.

He was convinced that the cinema had abandoned him. Ricky, the actor’s son, told Corriere della Sera, “But it was physiological, from the 60s to the 90s there was just him, Mastroianni, Gassman, Manfredi, Sordi.” “Shortly before he died, I believe it was in the summer of 1990, he, Gassman, and Manfredi were awarded together at Taormina Festival; but during the return trip by plane it struck me that he had a bit of his head between the clouds and that he stopped in the middle, between depression and melancholy: knowing him for a long time, it seemed very strange to me and I was very sorrowful,” Alberto Sordi said in 2003.

Ugo Tognazzi Malattia
Ugo Tognazzi Malattia

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